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I started wood turning in 2005 with a small lathe capable of turning an 8-inch dia. item. It was really meant for smaller work, and, after 18 months and having turned a variety of forms, I decided to buy a larger machine. I bought a Nova DVR which is capable of turning 16-in dia work over the bed, or, with the head swivelled out, up to 24-in dia. The speed is fully variable between 100rpm and 3000rpm , both forward and reverse. A very versatile machine !!

NOTE: Similar items to those shown can be made, but woodturnings are hand-crafted,  grains and colours vary, so no two items will ever be excactly the same.

Prices do not include package and postage as this is dependent on destination. Insurance, and any import duties or taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Bowls and Plates


Plates and bowls come in a variety of sizes, generally determined by the size of piece of wood ....


To see a  picture full size, click on it. Then click on side arrows to move to the other pictures.

Bottlestoppers and Boxes

Bottlestoppers have two forms - plain wood  or wood crowned with a pewter figure. All have a stainless steel stopper.


Boxes can be plain or crowned....

Ear rings and Miscellaneous



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